Talented UX designer?

☝ Hey there!

We're looking for a smart UX Designer with some kind of tertiary qualification. You don't need an official UX qualification, but you do need to have a keen interest in UX and sufficient knowledge of user experience or usability best practices to join our team.

Our studio provides support for innovation and growth projects in the form of user-centred design and rapid prototyping.

We like to think of ourselves as multidisciplinary – we'll know if you're a good fit by seeing your portfolio and having a chat about how you approach UX design. Ideo's Tim Brown described it as having T-shaped people. Read up about it, if you're interested.

What do we mean by UX designer?

😁 I'm so glad you asked that question. Each country, recruiter and organization (big or small) seems to have its own interpretation of the term UX, nevermind UX Designer. For clarity, we think that this UX design position is best suited towards someone with a design background and wants to be a part of a user-centred design company that is doing a lot of rapid prototyping work for desktop and mobile apps.

What about you?

You're curious about seeing what works and what fails when it comes to testing designs and smashing any assumptions. You also realize that it's not only up to you, but that it requires input from all disciplines to make a great product.

What skills are we looking for?

  • Being confident to assess documentation, ideation workshops and prototypes to create wireframes, user-flows, or operational designs
  • Being a good listener – not being afraid to ask questions
  • Having a firm opinion but not to the detriment of the project and team dynamic
  • Highly proficient in Sketch App (Know how to manage symbols, artboards shared libraries)
  • You understand usability principles, interface design patterns and how they are applied to various kinds of content and mobile application design
  • Strong time-management skills
  • Great attention to detail
  • Excellent communication skills – you will liaise with clients via email, calls or in workshops

What's it like working with us?

You will be part of our team which does not have a strict hierarchy. We encourage the entire team to discuss ideas and requirements during the process. We're always looking for efficiencies in the way that we work.

  • You'll be providing support for the lead designer and UX lead
  • You'll be expected to pull existing projects apart, analyse their functionality and give comment on gaps or opportunities in the flows
  • Being able to work from low fidelity wireframes to high fidelity wireframes, all the way to finished interface designs
  • Have a firm grasp on the use of timing, animation and motion to improve the user experience – being able to demonstrate it
  • Execute design concepts and/or prototypes for use in usability testing
  • Contributing to the creation and maintenance of style guides and design systems
  • Able to work as part of a small, integrated team throughout the process

Level up!

  • Know how Abstract works? Bonus!
  • Keen to interview users – Double bonus!
  • Skills in animation software (After Effects, Principle) – Triple bonus!
  • Used Overflow and Invision before. Sweet.
  • Know Adobe Creative Suite, specifically Illustrator and Photoshop – Great!

Interested in joining our team?

Applicants should send their portfolio and a cover letter to hello@aux.co.za with the following in the subject line AUXSITE: UXDESIGNER

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