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How UX design doubled e-commerce revenue

Allowing users to make easier product comparisons on mobile is good for sales

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The opportunity to optimize mobile conversion

Our studio rebranded and redesigned the B4i.Travel website as part of an overhaul to improve the website experience and increase brand awareness. The rebuild was so successful that annuals sales doubled. But we also noticed a big increase in mobile traffic volume that wasn’t generating the conversion rate we thought was possible.

Increase in mobile traffic volume

Optimizing the mobile view in just two days

It’s rewarding when a relatively small change generates such a fast increase to mobile sales. In the screenshots that follow we’ll demonstrate how a small fix to the mobile and tablet view improved the conversion rate. The change helped people to quickly compare store products and compare prices. And it increased conversion and store revenue immediately.

Two issues were identified:

  1. The large header area pushes the content down which results in high effort for product discovery.
  2. Vertical scrolling made price comparisons difficult for users on small screens.

Three interface improvements were made:

  1. Reduced height and used a fixed navigation.
  2. Optimized mobile pattern design.
  3. Removed banner area.

The fix took two days to identify and implement, with 99% increase in sales

By using a mobile pattern that allowed visitors to browse the pricing and products quickly and easily, without scrolling the conversion rate doubled.

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Let's create great digital products together

Let's create great digital products together

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