Software as a Service consultancy

Software as a Service consultancy

For businesses that are building software who want to surface usability issues, conduct customer journey audits or to increase design and front-end capacity.

What is Software as a Service consultancy?

Whether you are starting to build software for your customers or you have already shipped your product we know that it can be difficult to remain user-centred. We aim to provide specialist support to teams that want to delight their customers and reduce support queries.

What is Software as a Service consultancy?

Specialist services for software teams

  • Job stories and feature priority

    Job stories and feature priority

    Job Stories are an excellent way to understand what users want to achieve. A cornerstone of digital products that is rooted in user research.

  • Usability testing

    Usability testing

    One of the fastest and most cost-effective ways to conduct research. Yet, many businesses do not consistently adopt this method in to the design process or their feature priority discussions.

  • Information architecture

    Information architecture

    Your navigation needs to be memorable and understandable. Considering multiple devices and the various channels customers use is fundamental to usability and customer experience.

  • Customer journey mapping

    Customer journey mapping

    This is a powerful tool to remind the team of what is really happening during the entire product experience. It looks at when customers use your product, includes timing or dependencies with other systems which have an impact on the overall customer experience.

  • Digital design systems

    Digital design systems

    Setting up a digital design system for designers and developers seems like a nice-to-have. The reality is that working this way is a powerful compliment to building new areas of your product extremely quickly.

  • Interface and interaction design

    Interface and interaction design

    Does the interface render perfectly on all devices and screen sizes? Have the best mobile patterns been selected for maximum efficiency and ease of understanding? This is a fundamental foundation on which we plan the user experience.

Our Software as a Service consultancy process

Our consultancy for software teams works on the foundations that we recommend for any start up or digital product development.

  1. Understand your user goals and business objectives

  2. Uncover any known issues and additional opportunities

  3. Provide a fundamental foundation that your company needs now

What are some of the deliverables?

When your team needs to collaborate on the next steps for your software. Our team can plug-in a specialist to help you in one of the following areas

  • Understanding customer needs
  • Surface usability or customer journey issues
  • Get clarity on feature priority
  • Set up digital design systems
  • Improve design and development handover

Who we’ve done it for

Clients that trust us to deliver software-as-a-service consultancy

  • LifeCheq
  • Mediclinic
  • Computerfutures
  • Yellow Pages

What our clients say

  • Shen Tian

    Shen Tian

    CoFounder, LifeCheq
    "AUX Studio went into depth to understand the vision for our customer portal project – Using their insights and experience they designed complex navigation structures, through workshops and conversations, improving user flows, and adding honing the customer experience. The team is passionate about UX and I'm glad to had them as part of the journey."
  • Scott Lee

    Scott Lee

    Product Manager, HireFirst, Paris
    "HireFirst had a significant amount of legacy in terms of UX/UI created by several developers and design styles over the years. AUX helped extensively – starting with usability issues and identifying the core customer journeys. This allowed us to address the most crucial areas quickly."

What does it look like?

  • Customer Journey maps
  • Motivators and outcomes
  • Personas and Value Proposition Canvas
  • Customer Journey
  • Assumption Smash
  • Interface Design
  • Interface Design
  • Digital Design System
  • Digital Design System
  • Usability testing
Got challenges with your software? Talk to our product design team

Got challenges with your software? Talk to our product design team

If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you with your software as a service product, please schedule a 30min call with us.