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Partner with us for global talent

We strive to leverage our extensive knowledge and wide-ranging expertise to become the leading partner in talent acquisition for the strategic experience and design centre. Our goal is to position ourselves as the primary resource, providing exceptional support and guidance in identifying and nurturing top-tier talent uniquely suited to the centre's specific needs and demands.

Design partner

A dedicated core team engaged for a minimum term, with the flexibility to scale up as needed.

Perfect for organisations with a clear long-term roadmap and resource requirements, and the capacity to commit to extended engagements. This strategy provides substantial cost savings.

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Retained team

Adaptable, skilled professionals who effortlessly join your existing teams. Your team maintains complete control over the scope of work and delivery management.

Ideal for companies with medium-term visibility of their roadmap and resource needs, and the ability to commit to resource acquisition for several months. This approach allows for flexible management of resource onboarding and off-boarding.

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Remote talent

For teams without a defined roadmap and resource needs, our flexible model provides skilled talent on an as-needed basis. Your team maintains control over the scope of work and delivery management.

This approach enables you to engage AUX resources for specific periods, whether weeks or months, offering the adaptability required for dynamic project demands.

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Ways of working

We engage closely with your team to thoroughly grasp the unique requirements and objectives of your project. Leveraging our expertise, we deploy skilled professionals as either a dedicated design partner, integrated team member, or through our flexible talent model.

Our process emphasises transparency and proactive communication, ensuring you are well informed at every stage. At AUX, we understand the critical importance of sourcing top-tier talent and are committed to driving your success, tailored for SME to enterprise-level clients.

Who we've done it for

Clients that trust our talented team

  • Livingston Interational
  • Mediclinic
  • Velocity Trade

What our clients say

  • Karen Jasper

    Karen Jasper

    Senior Director Product Management, Livingston International Inc.
    "Aux is highly organised, providing clear timelines and steps with well-defined scopes, deliverables, costs, and timing upfront."
  • Allan Wilson

    Allan Wilson

    CEO, Flat Rock Solutions
    "Due to our extensive past collaborations with AUX, we're confident in their abilities and capacity, which reinforces our trust in their team."
Chris Vermuelen

Interested in our talent solutions, speak to Chris.

Chris is well-versed in global operations, having managed teams and clients in the UK, Europe, the US, and South Africa. As a native of South Africa, he has a deep understanding of the talent industry and the high standards required to meet the needs of enterprise-level clients worldwide.