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Designing and building the video interview experience for Showcaser, the London based start-up

Showcaser is an innovative online video platform that gives people the opportunity to promote themselves and respond to hiring manager questions using video recordings. Showcaser needed to scale their team to take static interface proposals and produce a working platform with our UX engineering team – working closely with their London based team we provided UX design and front-end support for their Saas platform during the crucial delivery phase of the project.


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We provided short term specialist support so that Showcaser could deliver the best possible user experience

We were approached by Showcaser who were looking to complete and execute interface designs for their platform using a modern, user-friendly interface that would make their system a joy to use.

While there was already a live and functional marketing website in place, user feedback showed that the video recording process on the platform was difficult – there were plenty of opportunities to improve and streamline the design of the software platform. The mobile app had also been developed and required attention to planning the video recording experience – our team of experienced software designers provided interface and app design support to get the project over the line.

The Showcaser App
Refining the user experience for Showcaser — The Software as a Service platform for hiring managers

Identifying problem areas and resolving them through rapid prototyping and testing design iterations

To obtain a more holistic view, we first needed to map out the entire experience and put together some of the key user journeys before improving the interface design. It’s essential for us to understand the product as well as the client does, so that we can make recommendations and focus on the areas that need the most attention.

Creating a new video recording, playback, managing and sharing a video was a critical part of how people would be using the software. It was important that the user interface was intuitive and mindful of how people would actually use the software.

Through our iterative, rapid prototyping process, we tested different designs and journeys to optimize the overall user experience.

Showcaser Invitation
Showcaser invitation view
Showcaser recording
Interview recording with scaling guideline
Chapter responses
Chapter responses
Watch video
Video playback screen
Showcaser Interface Design
My Cases — planning responsive views
Showcaser Interface Design
Create new case - planning responsive views
Showcaser Interface Design
Invite others - planning responsive views
Showcaser Interface Design
Video playback - planning responsive views

From UX design fundamentals to final handover our team delivered while being 100% remote

Once our UX enhancements were defined and complete we updated the extensive design system with our cleaner and more modern interfaces for the development team to use on desktop and mobile.

We applied key design principles, such as typographic hierarchy, use of white space, strong iconography and providing emphasis to functionality at key moments in the user journey.

Finally our team supported the Showcaser London-based team to execute the interfaces and experience in React and React Native, for desktop and mobile.

The two hour time difference between London and Cape Town did not slow us down – we maintained velocity with daily video calls and weekly check-ins using collaborative software such as, Slack, Jira and BitBucket. This allowed us to allocate, track and complete tasks synchronously and asynchronously – ultimately launching a fully functional video recording product that everyone could be proud of.