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Naming, identity design and web app for Africa’s first cryptocurrency exchange

MERJ is an innovative end-to-end, multi-market global financial exchange for equities, debt and derivatives. We provided company naming, identity design and progressive web app – positioning the company as a global leader in future-focused securities exchanges.

Initial Timeline

2 Months

Design Delivery

Scalable UI

Web Technology


Name generation

Creating a brand name for a leading global exchange that leverages blockchain technology

The option – ‘Merge’ – is strongly representative of the game-changing capabilities of the new exchange, which will provide services for securities as well as blockchain assets.

Naming generation process
Logo design

We designed a logo and identity that highlights how Merj uses technology to streamline and disrupt the process of trading

Inspired by the global scale of the new exchange and the services it provides for securities and blockchain assets. The logomark combines the concept of 'decentralization' and it's benefits with the letter "M".

Merj logo design concepts
We explored concepts of decentralization + blockchain. It was important to provide a solution that wasn’t too trendy or alienating.
Merj Logomark
The final logomark
Merj logo
Merj Logo
Merj Website design
Merj Mobile first website
Merj Mobile first website
Merj logo print
Let's create great digital products together

Let's create great digital products together

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