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Mobile payments, fan loyalty cards and a field-side scorekeeper for False Bay Rugby Club

We built a mobile app for False Bay Rugby Club to publish seasonal fixtures and deliver score results to fans. Coaches use a field-side scorekeeper in the app to update scores in real time. The club collects subscription payments using SnapScan and in return they get a loyalty card for discounts on club merchandise and restaurant deals.


6 Months


Agile Development


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The Challenge

Digitizing paper-based systems for membership and renewals with the goal to improve payment efficiency, keep fans up-to-date and boost loyalty

Through a series of discussions and workshops we highlighted pain points with existing systems and processes, understanding the clubs business objectives and what features fans would appreciate from a mobile application. We mapped out frictionless flows and focused on utility and performance features first, then we discussed and prioritized features that would delight fans – by using digital payment systems and QR codes we were able to modernize the clubs administration.

False Bay Rugby Club Fixtures and Results board
Wireframes and user flows

Our low-fidelity design process allows us to move quickly, iterate and focus on content, functionality and interactions – it’s an essential part of reviewing the experience with users and clients

Wireframing is an extremely valuable part of the user experience design process that is sometimes skipped, or undervalued. It allows us to efficiently plan user flows, then add more detail without getting tied up on design details too early – those details are resolved later once the messages, content and understanding of required features have become clear.

Interface design planning for calendar, league table and game results
Planning the user flows

Planning quick and simple mobile payments with SnapScan

We created design demos of the payment experience (using the SnapScan API) prior to development. This allows us to discuss technical feasibility and clearly demonstrate the experience we were aiming for, removing potential issues or ambiguity during development.

Wireframe flows
Planning the user experience for mobile payments and loyalty cards
Mobile App Features

Catch up on the latest club news and get live game updates – the field-side scorekeeper empowers coaches to update fans in real time.

We designed a secure, field-side scorekeeper feature that allows coaches to update fans in real time. Updates are reflected in the app immediately on multiple games in multiple locations keeping fans updated as the games progress. Check out the short demonstration of how this works in the video below.

Catch up on the latest club news and get live updates on games with the field-side scorekeeper feature
The False Bay Rugby Club mobile app is now in the hands of club members, coaches and fans

From plastic membership card to QR code, for loyalty and discounts

A recent feature that was added is the rugby club membership card. This feature removed the need to disburse plastic cards, as well as the cost of replacement in the future.

One of the challenges that surfaced during this process was the limitations of the integration with the POS software. There was also the likelihood of QR codes being used as screenshots and shared with friends who were not club members.

We solved this challenge by adding in a live timestamp and a spinning rugby ball animation to the card. This way, bartenders and waiters who are scanning the QR code could always ensure that the benefits are being used by playing club members.

Selecting membership
Selecting membership
Membership card
Membership card
Live scorekeeper
Live scorekeeper