Project Prototyping

Rapid application design for Mediclinic special events

We're helping Mediclinic International transform their paper-based patient records into an easy-to-use mobile application.

Initial Timeline

3 Months

Design Delivery

Scalable UI

App Technology



  • Interaction Design
  • Usability Testing
  • Rapid Application Design

Building an intuitive interface for medical staff at sporting events

Mediclinic chose AUX Studio to transform a paper based patient record in to a mobile app. The application record and synchronizes patient records in real time so that all doctors and nurses can share the same information across the field and provide the best quality service to athletes as they progress through the multi-day or one day sporting events.

Traditionally the medical teams capture patient records on local server and A4 pieces of paper which makes sharing medical information from ambulances to field hospitals quickly impossible. The mobile application is part of Mediclinic’s digital innovation journey.


Building an intuitive interface with rapid prototyping

As part of our UX design process we create quick interactive demos to help convey our ideas and test the interaction design. Below are some of the techniques we use to explore the best possible solution for the requirements. Yes, we even use paper prototypes. Because it’s fast.

You can get fast feedback using paper prototypes. It’s quick and cheap. It allows the team to test assumptions, reflect on design decisions and understand user goals.
Exploring scalable navigation patterns for medical complaints
Understanding how much data can be displayed on tablet devices
Testing an intuitive pattern that builds a string of information
Pattern for quickly revealing important information
User Testing

"UX without user research is not UX"

We couldn't agree more with Nielsen Norman Group. We had a great opportunity to test the first version of the app at the Cape Town Marathon (2018). Below is a short video of one of the doctors using the app.

Consistency and efficiency

Delivering a scalable design system for mobile apps

While it is important to make good interface and interaction design decisions to make your product easy to use, it is equally as important to be able to handover to the development team that need to build and deliver working software. A coded component library that is part of the design system is an essential part of the deliverables for these type of software projects.

Our studio is highly skilled in building interface and interaction designs for websites, software applications and mobile apps.

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