Project Design Consultancy

Refining and updating the Qhubeka brand identity

Qhubeka is an inspiring organisation that supplies bicycles to communities without access to transport.

The Qhubeka name means “to progress” or “to move forward” which is why they asked us to refine their existing logo and brand identity. Not wanting to lose their established personality, we developed their brand into a graphic, joy-filled identity that promotes bicycles but more importantly, uplifts people.

Services offered on this project

  • Brand audit
  • Brand manual
Logo analysis

Identifying the opportunities to improve and refine the Qhubeka logo

Qhubeka logo refinement
Logo refinement

After many iterations, the final logo is now simpler, cleaner and scalable.

We felt that the previous logo looked dated and very busy. There were too many ideas in one logo and the concept had to be simplified.

This was achieved by reserving the 'hand up' graphic solely for the letter 'Q' and selecting a complimentary typeface that's bolder and friendlier. By removing the bicycle and reducing the amount of 'hand up' graphics, the updated logo now looks modern while retaining the character and personality of the Qhubeka brand. Inspired by the sentiment 'give a hand up, not a hand out', the 'hand up' graphic inside the letter 'Q' subsequently became the logomark for the company.

Qhubeka logo before
Qhubeka logo after

Before and after the logo update. As part of the brand identity update we also reviewed the use of colour. By simply reversing the colour application to black on yellow, the brand now looks vibrant, fresh and full of optimism.
Qhubeka logo on Yellow
The final logo
Qhubeka logo
Qhubeka logo
Qhubeka logo refinement
Qhubeka logo refinement