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Savvy Sites – creating the brand and product design for a scalable Saas application

Savvy Sites is a startup that is changing the way entrepreneurs get online and get paid. Our team used multiple rapid prototyping and MVP processes to validate the core product idea. Then we built the platform using scalable architecture and the latest technology.

While the core platform was being built we continued to conduct customer research and craft the strategic vision for the brand and product launch. Speaking to potential customers is a core aspect of de-risking your product idea and building in their feedback to ensure product-market fit.


  • Brand identity and visual design
  • Customer research
  • Strategic product design
  • Rapid prototyping and MVP launch
  • Platform build on AWS stack
  • Go-to market strategy
Savvy logo type and logo mark
Savvy logo mark only
Savvy typography
Row 1 of various graphics and shapes Row 2 of various graphics and shapes Row 3 of various graphics and shapes


Small businesses struggle to create or maintain an effective online presence.

We live in the era of the side hustle. We also live on a continent (Africa) where many people are mobile only. People need new and innovative ways to start a business and get paid – using the skills they have or the products that they make.

Not everyone has the confidence or know-how to create an online presence. Many people struggle with the complexity and cost of current technology or e-commerce solutions.

Woman holding a phone with a Savvy site on the screen


Understand the emerging needs of entrepreneurs in the region. Create a strong brand and product to connect with this audience.

Our team started the foundational work in the areas of brand, product positioning, technology and Saas service design. By covering each area of the business in phases we were able to stack and build on the important foundations that allowed us to launch a product that addresses a problem and is designed to scale.

Savvy dashboard screen on a tablet device
Savvy dialog modal to claim your site
Choose your template header Savvy site templates row 1 Savvy site templates row 2 Savvy site templates row 3
Mobile phone with Savvy site
Savvy modal for adding a content block
Options for various image shapes in Savvy
Tablet device showing various colour options for a Savvy site
Savvy modal for adding a content block
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A simple, easy-to-use, one-page website builder that works on mobile.

Savvy is a freemium website builder for small businesses to get online and look professional. Savvy reduces the time, cost and complexity for entrepreneurs to connect with customers locally and globally.

Woman holding a phone while leaning back
Phone with a Savvy site on the display
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Row of phones with a Savvy site on each one
Row of phones with a Savvy site on each one


Entrepreneurs reached in 3 months
No. of users on mobile
Conversion rate on paid digital media
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Let's create great digital products together

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