Project Identity Design & UX design

Defining the name, logo, and design system for an innovative mobile application

Yapp was the innovation project that spearheaded the redevelopment of the Yellow Pages App in South Africa. We created the name, the logo and design system for the mobile application and website.


  • Name generation
  • Logo design
  • Corporate identity
  • Custom responsive website
Name generation & logo design

A play on the chat paradigm

The word Yapp was a play on the chat paradigm as well as Yellow Pages App – but by using a new pilot name it allowed the team the freedom to explore and innovate without the legacy of any existing brand name or product.

Our favourites were 'Nok Nok' and 'Yapp"
A snapshot of some of the concepts we explored
The final logo
Logomark on dark blue
Logomark on white
App icon design

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