UX Lead / Senior UX Designer

Hey there! We’re AUX.

We believe that great design is about creating less friction for people, between their current and desired state.Understanding what people are aiming to achieve in their daily lives is a key to designing and building better solutions.

AUX Studio provides support for innovation and growth projects working with startups and corporates, locally and globally. As a user experience design studio we often work on a number of projects and are required to discuss, assess and plan the UX strategy for the project we are working on.

We like to think of ourselves as multidisciplinary. Ideo’s Tim Brown described it as having T-shaped people on the team. We encourage people to be T-shaped, or Pi-shaped people at our studio. Read up about it, if you’re interested.

What do we mean by UX Lead?

We mean someone with 10+ years of work experience with an official UX qualification or certificate – this would be in addition to a tertiary qualification in something like design, computer science, psychology, ornithology (who knows) or plenty of practical experience in user experience design. We’re looking for someone that can clearly explain and motivate their journey into this senior role and a portfolio or recent projects to back up that story.

This is not an UI designer role. You will not be required to produce final UI work, other than screens that may help you improve your own planning, or for presentation purposes.

What about you?

You’re curious about seeing what works and what fails when it comes to testing designs and smashing any assumptions. You understand that great solutions can come from anyone and therefore you require input from all disciplines to get there. You have a keen interest in behaviour, design, technology and are aware when you need to seek out more information.

You’re interested in both the business requirements and the customer goals. You’re interested in formulating and communicating that picture to the product team so that they have a clear understanding of the products immediate and longer term priority.

You’re also looking for a role that will challenge you, and keep you challenged — working on projects that are at different stages; MVP, problem solution fit, product market fit and scale. The opportunity at AUX is to work on projects that are at various phases in their lifecycle.

You’re reading books, following the influencers and always learning.

What skills are we looking for?

  • You understand usability principles, interface design patterns and how they are applied to various kinds of projects for web or mobile applications
  • Knowing how to create and enhance a customer journey map
  • Knowing when to create and deliver a service blueprint to the product team
  • Great attention to detail and ability to create planning docs or project artefacts
  • You’ll be providing support to senior UX engineers providing guidance and support for planning and implementation
  • You’ll be expected to pull existing projects apart, analyse their current state and give comment on gaps or opportunities, then facilitate next steps and provide on-going guidance
  • Discuss and set UX metrics and UX outcomes for each project
  • You’re comfortable to discuss, pick and select UX methodologies, canvases, or UX processes depending on the project
  • Excellent communication skills – you will liaise with clients via email, calls or in workshops

Level up your application!

  • You’re totally comfortable planning and facilitating online workshops and can take us through examples of this how you run them (we use Miro)
  • You’re well versed in planning and conducting user research and can clearly explain your different approaches and techniques
  • You’re proficient in Google Analytics plus other software tools like HotJar, Fullstory, HubSpot.

What’s it like working with us?

Our focus is designing and building software or web apps for companies pursuing innovation projects in healthcare, fintech, or digital products (for various start-ups). We are a design and technology business that has established a culture of openness and support for clients and the team. We are encouraged to share, learn and always improve our skills and processes on every project that we work on.

We are semi-remote and don’t have a strict hierarchy. We have been working as a distributed team pre-pandemic with high levels of trust, accountability and transparency built in to our operations. We understand that people need personal flexibility and freedom while keeping an eye on project delivery and quality.

Our business is growing, join us.

Phew! That was a long story. We can’t wait to hear yours.

Interested in joining our team?

If you’re keen on finding out more about our studio and the projects we prioritise, please send your introduction here. Please introduce yourself, add recent project links and your CV. Thanks, and talk soon.

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