UX audits to improve revenue

‘A UX audit is a great way to unlock revenue for eCommerce stores or Software as a Service. Effective analysis looks at the current baseline of data and seeks out opportunities to improve engagement or customer acquisition.

What is a UX audit?

Being curious about understanding your customers and business goals is key. Plus, we need to understand the barriers and feasibility of possible changes.

We look for simple improvements first, then we go deeper and look for unique opportunities to improve conversions that have the biggest impact. Opportunities can generally be found within a few days. Implementing changes might take a few hours, or a few weeks. Measuring impact is usually immediate.

UX audits start by unpacking what already exists, taking a look at analytics or setting up some additional tracking tools

Why you should try it?

Changes can be small, quick and measured. This approach is faster than reinventing or re-engineering the system. The advantage is that you can measure the effect of a change almost immediately. The truth is that most systems work but they are not optimized. It's not unusual to see a huge return on investment. Read about how we doubled mobile conversion rate in this case study.

Mobile UX is often not carefully considered. Understanding mobile design patterns and implementing best-practices can be a simple start to improving performance and unlocking new revenue.

How long do UX audits take?

  • Identifying opportunities: From a couple of days, to a week
  • Implementation of changes: Hours, days, or weeks, depending on your system

Interested in a UX audit of your website?

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