Company name generation

Our studio provides company naming as an additional service to logo design and custom website development. We offer guidance and advice during your business development phases, for either innovation projects or startups.

How does our naming process work?

Our process starts in understanding your brand positioning and company strategy. We also check that your team is aligned on those points.

Exploring names is both art and science. We use online research, defensive registrations and domain acquisition to guide you – we then provide a compelling selection of naming options to choose from.

We've honed this process and have been fortunate to name many local and international businesses

We recently completed the naming and identity design for MERJ Exchange – a global securities exchange. The company renamed and repositioned themselves. Previously known as Trop-X – Seychelles Stock Exchange

How long does company naming take?

  • Company naming takes about 2 weeks (minimum)

Reinventing yourself? Need a new company name?

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